BioCell® Septic Advantages


  • Available in a huge range of sizes – from 3200L (8 Person), up to 15,000L (85 persons)
  • Multiple tanks can be used for larger applications
  • Fully EN12566-1 certified. 
  • High strength reinforced concrete that will last over 50 years
  • Simple to install – just drop it into the open hole and backfill
  • The most advanced septic tanks available
  • Complete single piece, sealed unit
  • Risers available which allows the tank to be installed at any depth.
  • Nationwide newtwork of suppliers
  • Ongoing support and maintenance
  • Only company with a national distribution network
  • Irish made

Reinforced CompositePlastic

  • No concrete backfill required so installation with a mini digger will save money
  • Fully EN12566-1 certified
  • Range of shapes and sizes
  • Advanced design – with a very high treatment efficiency for a septic tank
  • Lightweight – easy to install without the need for heavy machinery
  • Small footprint
  • No concrete backfill required due to innovative design
  • Nationwide network of suppliers
  • Risers available to allow installation at any depth
  • Single piece watertight tank
  • Made in Ireland
  • No concrete backfill required for most sites


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